What if we consider periphery as a personal state of mind?


"FUORICENTRO" is a series of images I have been shooting during a collective residency organized by Centro di cultura fotografica di Vicenza (CCF) in October 2016.

The manufacturing, craftsmanship and small companies that shape Vicenza's industrial area have been the core of the "North-East locomotive" who has been driving the italian economy for years. With the new millennium the economic system entered the crisis, meaning, for many, a deep afterthought. CHANGE is, thus, the interpretation key that CCF entrusted to Andrea E Magda, Rocco Rorandelli and me. The results of the project show VICENZA OVEST as seen through three separate but complementary visual approaches, meaning to present to the citizenship, the entrepreneurs and the administrators an unprecedented overview. With the purpose to better understand, renew and govern the future of a periphery that is becoming more and more part of the city.

"FuoriCentro " became an exhibition realized in collaboration with Unione Collector, the councillorship culture, Promotion of growth and the museums of the municipality. Curated by Pietro Vertamy, it took place in 2017 at Palazzo Chiericati, in Vicenza.


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