Perfection makes me uncomfortable, because I perceive it as illusory. Instead, I feel at home and I get excited when, in my exploration of reality, I come across the note that is slightly at odds with the orderly balance one generally aims for.
I can perceive and understand the actual beauty of order but, more or less unconsciously, I always find myself looking for the little distractions everywhere in a world that – to varying degrees – strives to be impeccable.
My eyes get captivated and my imagination starts working when it comes into contact with these tiny distortions within a harmonic system; perhaps because I grew up in Rome, a city where the majesty of imperial, classical and ecclesiastical legacies is constantly diluted in the noisy habits of the Mediterranean. These off-key notes amuse and reassure me, as they lead me to imagine how they were generated. By exposing them, I recognize and accept the fundamentally imperfect and paradoxical essence of the human condition.

The use of this spontaneous point of view within the documentary stories that I choose to represent, allows me to share an affectionate, positive and participatory vision of diversity, of the undervalued and the extravagant.

I live in Marseille, France.

2021 Bourse des amis du Musée d’Albert Kahn, Finalist
2020 Scam, Brouillon d’un reve – Shortlisted
2020 6Mois, Prix du Photojournalisme – Shortlisted
2019 Burn Emerging Fund – Shortlisted
2013 International Dummy Awards 2013, Kassel – Shortlisted
2012 SONY Award, Section Fine Arts-Portrait – Shortlisted


2018 – LSPF London Street Photography Festival
2017 – “FuoriCentro” Vicenza, Palazzo Chiericati (IT)
2014 – Self Publish Riga, Riga (LV)
2014 – FRAMES / projecting international photography, Glasgow
2013 – Medio Oriente: de donde ? Encuentros Fotograficos Mexico, Cholula
2013 – Dummy Award Festival, MIA Milan image art fair/ PhotoIreland Festival Dublin/ Le Bal Paris/ Photobook Festival Kassel
2013 – Padova Fotografia Festival, Padova (IT)
2012 – Festival Photo Off, La Bellevilloise, Paris
2012 – Photobook Festival, La Pelanda, Macro Testaccio, Roma
2012 – Px3, Prix de la Photographie, Paris, Espace Dupon
2012 – La Primavera Araba – Convergenza delle Culture, Rome, Italy
2012 – The Portrait: Up Close and Personal, MPLS Photo Center (MN,USA)
2010 – San Lorenzo Photo Festival, Roma
2010 – Roma incontra il mondo, Chiostro del Bramante, Roma
2010 – Scuola Romana di Fotografia, Roma