"Lido Pedocin" is situated in the city of Trieste, in the north-east of Italy. Since the year of its construction, in 1890, this beach is split in two parts by a wall who separates women from men. I've been asking to the customers on both sides why they chose to spend time in such a strange place. I quickly realized that what I considered as a restriction, actually meant more freedom to them.
Ladies basically like to go at Pedocin because they feel at ease among other females, they have no problem in getting naked and they are not stressed if they don't have a perfect body. Men can relax without being forced to talk all the time.
Anyone gets tanned on his side, then ready to meet again at the exit and go home together.

"La Lanterna" beach resort, ladies side. This beach was built in 1890 and it Pedocin beach as seen from the water. A thin line separate men and ladies Ladies Pedocin, ladies Gianna and Dolly.  Gianna says: "This place is incredibile, we have to thank Maria Therese (the only female ruler of the Habsburg dominions and the last of the House of Habsburg). I wish that austrian still ruled Trieste. We would pay less taxes and we Ladies Anna getting ready to go back home Anna Lorenzo and Francesca, the lifeguards. "During the summer on sunny days on ladies side, there Laura shows one of her tattoos. "My son give it to me as a gift for my 66th birthday". That means "freedom" to me Laura Manuela: I proudly show my body, I don Women wave men at the "border" Ladies and Gentelmen meeting at the wall to have a conversation Luigia.  I like this place pretty much, I come here since I am young and I will come here forever. It ops ! the ball went on the wrong side Rosa, 69 yo. I come here since two years. I am already 69 but I try to stay healthy and I take care of my body. Now that I am retired I go to the gym everyday. I like to come here because, comparing to other beaches, you have the chance to stay alone if y Elisa, 26. I come here because sometimes I have no time to get the perfect wax or I don Larita. "I am the multiethnic one here. Larita is a south american name, but I am born in Egypt from a Checkoslovac father and a Greek mother. My father used to work for the english army and we all moved here in the late 50s because my grandmother lived h Pedocin. A view of the men side through a window. A man sunbathing at Pedocin. Pedocin, men side. Claudio. "I come here since ever. This year I had my birthday cake here as well. I like to come because it Claudio and his friends. Cloackroom. Edi, Luciana and Paola. They gather here together, Edi is from Turin, but every time she comes in Trieste to visit the other two they go at Pedocin. It Sandra. I come here to play cards with my friends diva, Anna and Rosanna. We play Burraco. It